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About Us

Quyanainni Qaiqaffi, Nahdahnojaa, Welcome and Bienvenue to East Three Elementary School, Home of the Wolves. We are a JK to Grade 6 school with an enrolment of approximately 420 students and 60 staff members. We offer educational programming in Inuvialuktun and Gwich’in Core Languages, English, and Early French Immersion. Our classes enjoy year round On the Land learning programming in which students are immersed in land-based learning focused on strengthening their ties to their Indigenous languages and cultures. We are committed to providing a safe and caring teaching and learning environment. All members of the school community show respect, compassion, and positive engagement to respond to the wellness and learning needs of our students. We have developed and maintain supportive and collaboratively relationships with many local organizations to build a strong and resilient school community. You belong. I belong. We belong.

Mission Statement:


Our Mission is to provide an environment that is rich in culture, encourages respect and promotes the development of the whole child through excellence in teaching and building supportive relationships.